Visit Iran


Discover the beauty and splendour of the ancient Persian capital of Persepolis, walk the classical city of Hamadan,
discover the ancient mud architecture of Yazd, and marvel at the history of Susa and carvings of Bisotun.
Iran is a country with a profound and intriguing history, a vibrant culture and a warm and welcoming people.
Explore the architectural wonders of ancient Persia and uncover the layers of history at the heart of modern Iran.



Mountain-VillageTake a fascinating journey through Iran`s history and enigmatic architecture as you enter a world of dramatic fortresses,
ornate palaces with stunning gardens, and archaeological and cultural gems.
Travel the lost land of Ancient Persia and learn about the rich cultural history at the heart of modern Iran.
Surrender to the chaotic energy of the Tehran Bazaar, and marvel at the circle-shaped fortress city of Firuz Abad.
Discover the remains of the Zoroastrian community in Yazd, and witness the dramatic Towers of Silence and the eternal flame burning at the Fire Temple.
Uncover legend at Persepolis, home of the Archaemenid Kings, and explore the stunning gardens at Kashan.
Walk in the footsteps of Isfahan`s ancestors by crossing Shiraz`s spectacular river bridges, and enter a poetic maze of stunning palace gardens and boulevards.
Uncover tradition in the 1000 year old mud-brick towns at Meybod and the Kharanagagh Village, and succumb to folktales at the cliff-town of Chak Chak.
Admire architectural triumphs like the Islamic complex at the small town of Natanz and the mausoleum of Imam Khomeini in the traditional village of Niasar.

See the mighty base belief of Darius I at Bisotun, with its inscriptions in lost languages, and the Temple of Anahita, with its serene lake pool.
Explore the crumbling city of Sultaneih, `The Land of the Sultans` and its rich cultural heritage, and witness the lost civilisation of Hamadan.
See the idyllic Armenian St Stephano`s Church, the mountain-set Babak Castle and admire the Blue Mosque at Tabriz.
By the coast, delight in scenery and culture of Ramsar and explore the serene mountain village of Masuleh with its authentic rust-red houses.

Iran`s Deserts
There are two extensive deserts in Iran, Kavir-e-Lut, and Kavir-e-Markazi, covering an area of over 360,000 square kilometres, in central Iran.
These vast expanses of sand dunes, salt lakes, steppe-like plains, and wadis of date palms and camel flocks are some of the most interesting, yet unknown areas in Iran.
A vast network of Caravansaries follow ancient, camel-trodden trade routes and through the scorched salt flats of Kavir-e-Markazi.

Birding in Iran
With huge variation in habitat and climate Iran makes a perfect haven for wild birds.
With 517 known species, the Pleske`s Ground Jay is nonetheless the ogolestan-palace-iran-traveling-centernly truly endemic species, though the Caspian tit, Red-tailed wheatear, Sind-Pied woodpecker
and Caspian snowcock are near endemic and there are more than 50 endangered or critically endangered species.
A sample itinerary covers the semi-arid lands inside Touran National Park to see Pleske`s Ground Jay and Desert warbler
and a few days in Parvar to see Caspian tit and Caspian snowcock.

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