Renting car without Driver!

Renting car without Driver is now become an industry and is called Rent Car Industry. This affair cause to establish huge companies and organs with a large amount of car fleet in order to wide backing in Europe and America in previous century.

Europcar is a pioneer company in Renting car Industry and has large and various fleet from economy to luxury.

This company has more than 13000 stations all over the world.











Europcar has the most portion of this affair in Europe and other countries with more than 60 years of working record in this field.

Now Europcar serve large amount of services in Iran.

Europcar company start working in France from 1949 as the hugest International renting car company and now has more than 10,000 stations in 150 countries all over the world.

In 2009 Europcar receive five international prizes in traveling field for the customer satisfaction and improving transportation.

·Premier renting car comp

any in recreation of the world

·Premier renting car company in recreation of the Europe

·Premier renting car company in Middle East

·Premier renting car company in Africa

·Premier renting car company in central U.S.A

Having a valuable and long experience in Rent Car business, as well as the knowledge for the business, We offer new and innovative rent car services in Iran.

By offering quality services and competitive prices according to the international standards, TASCO soon became a well-known brand in the rent car business in Iran and could attract a vast range of real and legal customer, including local and international organizations and institutes. Since the management team’s vision was beyond just the local business, while proving it’s capabilities through numerous negotiations, TASCO managed to earn the right to become a “Europcar International” franchisee under the name of “Europcar Iran”, to offer rent car services in the country of Iran.

It is the first time for a credible and international brand to be present in Iran’s rent car market, which places Iran among the 150 country members of Europcar network.

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