CIP (Commercially Important Person)

CIP is a luxury standalone terminal in the world located approximately 600 yards from Tehran Airport’s main terminal and dedicated to VIPs and premium passengers who wish to have a stress free travel using our High End airport services. 

Upon arrival:

You get picked up at the aircraft and transferred to the CIP premium terminal. Then, CIP personnel collect your luggage tags and bring them for you within an hour. There is no queue for passport control, you leave your passport at their counter to be checked and while you are waiting for your luggage and passport you stay at their relaxing lounge and enjoy various Persian and international food, soft drinks and hot beverages. Your passport will be returned with your luggage by CIP personnel at the same time.

At departure:

All the formalities including custom, passport control and check in will be done at the CIP terminal while you are treated and hosted by CIP personnel. When your flight is boarding you will be transferred to the aircraft.

Additional services:

  • Transport from home, hotel and workplace to the airport and vice versa.

  • VIP parking for escorting.

  • Indoor parking spaces for VIP guests.

  • VIP rooms are like a 5-star hotel rooms

  • VIP conference and meeting rooms

  • Facilities for press meetings

  • Free duty shop

“Your satisfaction of service is our goal, enjoy your travel and let us to make a memorable time for you”